Hello, and welcome to the Plants vs. Zombies Cartoon Chreator Wiki!

Welcome to the Plants vs. Zombie Cartoon Creator Wiki

Ah, Welcome User ! This wiki is about creating a cartoon of Plants vs. Zombies. You can create epsoides, but request from EP Fisrt.


  • Rule 1:Don't spam different wikis
  • Rule 2:Don't Spam pages or post rude things.
  • Rule 3:Don't add Created characters in basic seasons
  • Rule 4:Don't swear.
  • Rule 5:No spamming with random pages for achivements.
  • Rule 6:Don't violate any pages if someone stole your idea
  • Rule 7:Don't stole another ideas
  • Rule 8:Don't Create episode before ask Here
  • Rule 9:Don't abuse powers
  • Rule 10:No Characters not in the game be in episode.
  • Rule 11:Don't Promote before vote
  • Rule 12:Don't Spam in chat
  • Rule 13:Don't put incorrect information on the pages.

If you do anything from thoose will block or ban


1:All characters have another design.

2:Plants are defrent ages and defrent gender here.

3:Have fun! You can express your creativity.







Positions from highest to lowest:

  • Founder (Cannot be acquired, because there is only one, who is Electric Plants.)
  • Bureaucrats (acquired by being here for at least 1 months, having at least 500 edits, with at least 250 of them are mainspace. Requires admin, too.)
  • Admins (acquired by being here for at least 10 day s, having at least 100 edits. Most edits must be mainspace. And requires both chat moderator and rollback)
  • Chat Moderators (acquired by having at least 25 edits, and being active on chat a lot)
  • Rollbacks (acquired by having at least 50 mainspace edits)

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